FBI and Apple Launch Investigation of Celebrity Nude Photo Leak

The FBI and Apple are investigating the celebrity nude photo leak that included photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and more.

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The horrible celebrity nude photo gate that happened over the weekend is finally being looked into by the FBI and Apple. 

The leaked nude photos of celebrities included Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Kirsten Dunst, among others.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the FBI said:


“The FBI is aware of the allegations concerning computer intrusions and the unlawful release of material involving high profile individuals, and is addressing the matter. Any further comment would be inappropriate at this time."

Many, including Kirsten Dunst, speculated the photos were obtained through a glitch in Apple’s iCloud technology. 


Thank you iCloud🍕💩

— Kirsten Dunst (@kirstendunst) September 1, 2014

Which is why Apple is investigating if the iCloud accounts of the celebrities had been indeed hacked.

“We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report,” said Apple spokeswoman Nat Kerris to THR.

So far one guy that claimed to be responsible for the leak has since retracted his statement. 

UPDATE: Apple has released a statement regarding the leaks:

[via THR]

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