Dunkin' Donuts Employee Serves Cop Coffee With #BlackLivesMatter Written on Cup

One Dunkin Donuts employee tried to educate and serve a cop.

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A Providence, RI uniformed police officer got a wake up call with his morning coffee at a Dunkin Donuts on Friday—he got #BlackLivesMatter scrawled on his coffee cup. 

According to a Facebook status posted by a co-worker of the officer, the Dunkin employee was reportedly “rude” and didn’t seem like she wanted to serve the officer. It was only after he left that he noticed what she had written on his cup. He then told the Providence police union about the situation.

The Fraternal Order of Police called the incident “unacceptable and discouraging,” while union member, Lt. Roger Aspinall, told WLNE-TV the Black Lives Matter movement “condones violence against police,” which is false. The "War on Cops" isn't real, btw. As for the union? It says it believes "all lives matter."

A Dunkin Donuts spokesperson said the franchise owner has since apologized to the officer and that the employee has been “counseled.”

[via New York Post]

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