Meet the TikTok Sensations Who Do the Best Kardashians Impersonations

During an interview with Complex, TikTok Sensations Kristy Scott, Yuri Godinez, and Andrea Lopez broke down their viral content based on the Kardashians.

tiktok sensations kardashian impersonations

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tiktok sensations kardashian impersonations

For Kardashian fans, we all have one thing in common—there’s nothing better than attempting to impersonate them. Their former reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and now Hulu’s The Kardashians, gives fans more than enough content to pull moments from. 

On TikTok, there are creators who give their all when it comes to impersonating the famous family. Kristy Scott, Yuri Godinez, and Andrea Lopez always understand the assignment. Each TikToker has more than 500,000 followers on the platform and fans gushing in the comments under each Kardashian impersonation they upload

From the outside looking in, it seems like an easy feat. However, these content creators detailed the hard work that goes into each post. Godinez, for example, described the effort as “tedious” but “important” when breaking down her use of costuming and props. As for Lopez, she’s been doing Kourtney Kardashian impressions since 2013, and thanks to TikTok, her content has picked up more momentum.

Lastly, Scott puts a spin on her content by tapping her husband in each video for his reactions. In each video, he has an infectious laugh that complements her overall idea. 

During a recent Q&A with Complex, the TikTok sensations broke down their content, detailed the work that goes into it, revealed if the Kardashians are fans of their work, and more. 


Every Kardashian episode ever pt1

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Followers: 3 million (including Kris Jenner)

How did you come up with the idea to start doing Kardashian impressions?

I love the Kardashians and have been watching KUWTK for years. I had just watched an older episode where Kylie and Kendall mocked Kim for not wanting to fly commercial. It made me realize that the show really displays small issues in these overly dramatic scenes. Of course, it’s for audience retention/engagement so I thought, “Let me show people how I view the show from my perspective.” TikTok was still fairly new to a lot of people, and the dance videos were not the only trends, so I decided to post my first Kardashian parody. Since then, I never stopped.

Do you remember the first reenactment that went viral?

The very first parody that I did went viral! I posted it on March 17, 2021 (almost two years ago). Today, it’s at 18.7 million views. I was so surprised when it happened. Then I did another, and that one went viral. Then another, then another. Looking back at that first parody video I did, it’s still hilarious to me just how perfectly the scene mocks the show.

What I love about your videos is that you go the extra mile to switch the hair/wigs. How much work/effort goes into that extra step?

I think the prep work takes longer than the filming of the parody. It’s definitely time-consuming and tedious, but those things are so important. It’s what helps capture the essence of each character. It wouldn’t be as fun without the props. 

What has surprised you the most about these videos?

I’m constantly getting messages from fans telling me how much these videos have helped them get out of a dark space. That truly means the world to me. Having dealt with depression myself, I know firsthand how good it feels to laugh and just separate yourself from the world. If a video can help one person get out of a dark headspace, then every second of planning, filming, editing, and publishing was worth it.

What is the end goal of your videos? Has the Kardashian/Jenner clan reached out about your videos? I see that Kris Jenner follows you.

I don’t think I have an end goal. For me, it has been about the journey. I’ve learned so much since the first parody video. I’ve learned about people, myself, the world as a content creator, how to manage time correctly, and just so much more. I’ve received PR packages from every Kardashian/Jenner sister, which I am so grateful for. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian have both reposted some of my Instagram Reels. Khloé is probably the sister that engages with my videos the most. She loves my portrayal of her and has commented on so many of my parodies. And yes, the matriarch that is Kris Jenner follows me on Instagram and TikTok. I love all the sisters and I’m just grateful that they know of me.


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Followers: 9.6 M

How did you come up with the idea to start doing Kardashian impressions?

I love watching their show [The Kardashians], and I also love watching other people’s impressions of the Kardashians. I thought it would be hilarious to try the trend on my husband.

Do you remember the first reenactment that went viral?

Yes, the first video I posted in this series got 23 million views, and the second one was 43 million. So I decided to make it a series.

What I love about your videos is that you include your husband. 

Desmond’s reactions to anything in life have always been humorous, even from when we were teenagers. I see it and laugh with him day to day, so one day I decided to film it. People love it and laugh at it just as much as I do.

What has surprised you the most about these videos?

I did expect the series to get so much attention. I get DMs daily asking me to release another episode. I drew a lot of inspiration from @winningwiththewilsons and @bomanizer, so I think TikTok is loving this trend and continuously asking for more.

What is the end goal of your video? Has the Kardashian/Jenner clan reached out about one of your videos/followed you?

My end goal is to continue to make people laugh. I find enjoyment in creating and editing content. Nobody has reached out actually, but I’m not opposed to it [Laughs.].


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Followers: 580K

How did you come up with the idea to start doing Kardashian impressions?

I started doing character impressions in high school actually. It was always a fun passion of mine. The Kardashians show started to pick up traction when I went to college and I started watching it regularly. As an impressionist, I’m always observing characters in my own life and in pop culture. The Kardashians introduced the world to a whole new subset of people, the Calabasas suburban California “Valley girl” with an added nasal-y tone. I loved all the sisters individually, but I was more drawn to Kourtney because of the way she pronounced her “s” and “r’s.” Kourtney acted indifferent toward most things and would laugh off serious situations. These were the few idiosyncrasies I built her impression around.

Do you remember the first reenactment that went viral?

My friend in college actually asked me to do my impressions for a project of hers. She recorded me in different places doing my Kourtney impression. As I watch the video now, I can see how far my impression has come over the years [Laughs.].

Your videos focus on Kourtney impressions. Why her? What’s the best part about doing a Kourtney impression?

Out of all the sisters, I think Kourtney has truly had the most long-standing voice and persona. I have so much fun with Kourtney’s deadpan comedic timing. She also delivers, time and time again, the funniest one-liners that I’ve been able to use throughout all my impression videos: “You’re literally worthless,” “I’m the most interesting sister to look at,” and “ABCDEFG...I gotta go.”

You said you’ve been doing impressions since 2013. Do you feel like you were ahead of the times?

I don’t consider myself ahead of the times because there were always comedian impressionists and character artists that I looked up to growing up: Eddie Murphy, Carol Burnett, Molly Shannon, and so many more. The only difference now is the growing number of outlets where talent has the opportunity to get discovered. I feel safer now than ever showcasing my talents though with the growing impressions community.

What has surprised you the most about these videos?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by all the positive feedback I’ve received from posting my videos. It gave me real purpose during the lockdown and kept me busy developing new characters and content. The real gift is knowing that my videos put a smile on someone’s face.

What is the end goal of your video? Has the Kardashian/Jenner clan reached out about your videos?

The end goal is to continue to perfect and grow all my impressions and build a one-woman show that I can take on a nationwide tour. I’ve loved perfecting my Kourtney impression over the years as I’ve pursued a career in comedy. The Kardashian sisters are just a small part of my whole impressions Rolodex. I currently work at Comedy Central as a digital creator, so to me, I’ve come a long way from posting videos on YouTube and Instagram. I truly feel blessed that impressions and character work is a viable career path. My videos, as silly as they may be, have reached a wide audience. I’ll receive messages from people explaining how my videos have helped get them through difficult times and that’s the most meaningful part of my job.

I’ve never met Kourtney or her sisters, but Khloé commented with laughing emojis on my videos. That’s enough validation for me.

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