Better Call Joey Pants: Listen to Episode 24 of 'Watch Less'

Joe Pantoliano, star of 'Bad Boys for Life', 'The Sopranos', 'The Matrix', and other films and shows drops in to talk about the 'Bad Boys' franchise, and more.

GOAT character actor Joe Pantoliano joins Watch Less this week. The Emmy Award-winner might be more recognizable for some of his greatest performances, including Ralph Cifaretto on The Sopranos, Teddy on Christopher Nolan's Memento, or Captain Howard in the Bad Boys franchise. Pantoliano breaks down his time in the films, as well as the process of getting from Bad Boys II to Bad Boys For Life. Joey Pants also breaks down his penchant for playing bad guys, shares some stories from his years in the business, and more. Later, Frazier and khal share some 'Rona Recommendations, which includes a deep cut TV series you might not be able to find and Better Call Saul, one of the greatest shows no one wants to watch or talk about.

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