Star of "Fringe", "Lost", & "The Wire" Releases An Album

Music-loving actor Lance Reddick is getting all up in your earholes.

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If you saw Fringe's musical episode last year, then the chances are good you remember the off-putting sight of actor Lance Reddick, a.k.a. Homeland Security agent Phillip Broyles, singing jazz. Apologies, Lance, but Lieutenant Daniels from The Wire (or Matthew Abbadon if you like Lost) isn't supposed to play jazz! Or maybe he is: Reddick has just released an album of—wait for it—jazz.

"I grew up studying music. I went to conservatory. When I grew up I thought I was going to be a classical composer, and then I left music school because I was in denial because I wanted to be a rock star. I started acting after a few years of struggling," Reddick told the AP. "I got married straight out of school. I started acting, almost on a whim to help my music career. ... There were songs I had written from while (I was) in my 20s. ... I would sing them around the house from time to time. My daughter said to me one day—this was about 10 years ago—'You should do something with that.' I said, 'Sweetheart, I think the time's passed. I think I'm too old.' She said, 'Daddy, that sounds like an excuse to me.'" And a child shall lead him.

Reddick's album, Contemplations and Remembrances, is available now, but you can listen to samples on his MySpace page. If you close your eyes really tight, you can almost imagine him glowering at you from behind a piano.

Source: AP

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