PROMO: Meet the Dr Pepper One of a Kind Craftsmen

A look at who they are, what makes them tick, and why they are so unique.

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In celebration of the originality it both embodies and emboldens, Dr Pepper recently launched a One of a Kind Collaboration series. The project featured a variety of artists at the forefront of their fields each creating works that are interesting, new, and truly one of a kind.

Now, in a new series of accompanying videos, viewers are given unprecedented insight into what makes these artisans tick, as they discuss their backgrounds, what makes them so original, and how they got the inspiration for their respective One of a Kind pieces. The talents featured in these videos include: Kenshin Ichikawa and Erik Marino of Brooklyn-based apparel company Rocksmith; Tim Knight and Alexander Bender of Tri Lox, a high-end furniture company that uses solely repurposed materials; street artist and ABV studio co-founder Greg Mike; international turntable mix master The Green Lantern; hip-hop artist, producer, and sunglass aficionado The Dream; Dennis Calvero of Crooks & Castles street wear; "Uber-Illustrator Supreme" Tracy Tubera; and HUF skate wear founder—and former pro skater himself—Keith Hufnagel.

You can watch all of the videos now by going to And to enter to win one of these One of a Kind creations yourself, be sure to visit

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