Lulzsec Hackers Take Down CIA Site To Impress Other Hackers

Past LulzSec victims included the Senate.

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The CIA joined the long list of recent cyberattacks yesterday—simply because someone called out hacker group Lulz Security.

The group hit the CIA with a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS), inundating the site’s servers with too much traffic, to the point where the site either loads slowly or even fails to load completely. It came in response to Twitter user Quadrapodacone telling Lulzsec, “Seriously… DDos is not hacking,” adding, “Here’s a challenge… or try changing text or something.” Lulzsec responded via Twitter that the had been taken down.

LulzSec had previously claimed responsibility for DDoS attacks against the Senate twice, Sony Pictures, and PBS, yet after this attack, Quadrapodacone was left impressed. “Site up nothing changed… lulz,” he tweeted to Lulzsec.

[via New York Times and Gawker]

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