Well Rounded: Gabrielle Union + Complex News on The Oscars 2016

Gabrielle Union and Complex News break down the year and movies and preview Sunday's Academy Awards on 'Well Rounded.'

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On behalf of Bud Light Lime-A-Rita and "National Margarita Day," Gabrielle Union joined Complex News on the Well Rounded set earlier this week to discuss the year in movies and preview Sunday's 88th annual Academy Awards. In addition to breaking down her favorite films of the year and predictions for Sunday's show, Union revealed that she's spoken to Chris Rock about his upcoming hosting duties.

"I'm waiting with bated breath," Union says, "He's a truth speaker and a truth seeker, and you will get a heavy dose." 

For more from our chat with Gabrielle Union, check out the video above. For this week's Well Rounded with French Montana, peep the video below.

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