First Look: "Max Payne" Is Back And Badder Than Ever!

Is Max with the hair or without the hair a bigger badass?


No, that is not Bryan Cranston you're seeing in a video game adaptation of Breaking Bad, you're witnessing the return of Max Payne. After Rockstar Games went dark, gamers were confused to what would happen to their favorite brooding vigilante. Luckily for us, that isn't the case, and thanks to Game Informer we're treated to some brand new screenshots for the upcoming Max Payne 3.

For those who have been out of the loop (or immersed in Gears of War 3), time has been rude to Max. He's long gone from the NYPD and has become a drug-addled bum in Hoboken, New Jersey. Opportunity knocks in the form of Raul Passos, an old chum from the police force, and our hero accepts a job in private security in Sao Paulo, Brazil. James McCaffrey, who reprises his role of Max and did a majority of the motion capturing for the character, is still the perfect fit to deliver the game's gripping and frequently profane dialogue.

What is unknown is what other surprises Max Payne 3 has in store. The game is set to release in March 2012, so we'll just have to keep you posted as more develops. Check out the stills below and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[via Game Informer]

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