Celebrate Tomb Raider’s 15th Anniversary With A Look At Lara Croft

Unfortunately, this "look" happens to be at the new vision, not the old one.

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Calm down gentleman (and ladies), this isn’t what it sounds like. Cyrstal Dynamics is celebrating the 15th anniversary of one of the video game industry’s biggest franchises with a unique digital art exhibit celebrating the one and only Lara Croft. It is a little hard to believe that Tomb Raider has been around since way back in 1996 and the creators are taking everything back to the drawing board for 2012‘s Tomb Raider.

In honor of the the series, Crystal Dynamics has commissioned 8 original art pieces from a selection of esteemed artists and will release them one by one throughout the month of October. Each of the works has been designed to reflect the new vision of the lovely Lara, not the classic pin-up version that most gamers are familiar with. The original artist of the Tomb Raider comic book series, Andy Park, is up first and you can check out his piece at the official Tomb Raider web site.

Between now and the end of October, 7 other artists, including the creator of the series, Toby Gard, will reveal their works on the official site. When everything is said and done, the Nerd Machine will be selling a limited number of t-shirts and posters featuring the various pieces revealed for the event. A portion of all of the proceeds collected form this will benefit the Child’s Play Charity.

Keep an eye on the official site throughout the month as each piece is revealed.

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