A Brief History Of Employee Revenge

Feel like going postal after getting fired from your job? Take a breather and try these non-violent payback methods instead.

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You've read the headlines. Employment opportunities aren't looking too good. Last Monday alone over 70,000 jobs were lost. With all these lay-offs going on, we wouldn't be surprised if someone got their Patrick Sherill on and let off on their whole office. Luckily, we haven't seen anything that crazy happen... yet.

Today, a story broke about a computer programmer from Fannie Mae who got locked up for allegedly planting a virus to wipe out 4,000 of the company's servers the day he was fired. If getting revenge on your former (or current) employer is on your mind, we'd recommend you avoid firearms and opt for something similarly non-violent. Check out five other crazy ways (some effective, some not) that canned employees have let off some steam...

• Who: Marie Lupe Cooley
• When: January, 2008
• Where: Jacksonville, Fla
What: When she peeped a help wanted ad in the local paper for a job that looked just like the one she was on her way to, Marie went straight 7:30. She went to her office late on Sunday night and deleted seven years worth of drawings and blueprints said to be worth upwards of $2.5 Million. Since she was one of the few employees with access to the files, she was caught and sent to jail, only to find out that the ad was for the firms wife's company and her job was never really in danger. Fail.

• Who: David Lennon
• When: August, 2006
• Where: England
What: After getting let go from his job as an accounts clerk, 19-year-old Lennon went home and wrote an email to his boss using quotes from "The Ring." He then sent the email, using an automatic emailer, to his boss. After a couple hours, the email had been sent to his boss over five million times, crashing the company's servers. Homey wasn't as computer savvy as he thought, though. They traced the email back to his crib and he was locked up like Styles P and Akon.

• Who: Paul Bentley
• When: January, 2009
• Where: England
• What: Under investigation for tampering with the company's calendar, Bentley when around the Pork Farms factory where he worked and spread peanuts all around the premises. No big deal right? Wrong. The Pork Farms factory is nut-free at the requests of their corporate customers. The spreading of nuts (pause) cost the company $1.6 Million in lost production for the day.

• Who: Disgruntled IKEA Graphic Designer
• When: August, 2006
• Where: Wherever IKEA catalogs are delivered
• What: Supposedly an IKEA graphic designer got unfairly canned and decided to exact his revenge by tampering with one of the pages of the Swedish furniture company's 2007 catalog by placing a human penis on a puppy featured in an ad. IKEA jumped up and defended the photo saying: "The picture has definitely not been tampered with... we can definitely say this is a picture of a dog's leg, and it is not something else." Nice try. We know a dick when we see one.

Who: Peter Gibbons
When: February, 1999
Where: Dallas, Texas
What: If you really wanna rage against the machine, Office Space should be the first movie you blow a blunt to when thinking up some ideas. In response to the firing of Pete's two friends, Michael and Samir, they devise a plan to steal a couple pennies from the company but end up stealing $300,000 in a couple days. It ain't the ski-mask way, but it worked.

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