Jake Paul Calls Zayn Malik a 'Dickhead' in Response to His Assault Allegation

In an interview with TMZ, Jake Paul called Zayn Malik a dickhead in response to the singer's assault allegation involving Gigi Hadid and her mother.

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Jake Paul recently had some more choice words for Zayn Malik – calling the singer a “dickhead.”

When asked by TMZ if Paul feels like he’s kicking Zayn when he’s down, Paul said, “That guy’s a fucking lunatic. He needs help—he needs to go to rehab, all that shit. And I called it since day one. The guy’s a complete asshole and of course, he punches Gigi’s mom. … He punched her in the face or some shit bro. That guy’s a dickhead. … He’s lucky I didn’t beat his ass last time we were here in Vegas last time.”

TMZ spoke with Paul in Vegas, where he and Zayn almost got into an altercation last February when they were staying in the same hotel for a boxing match. In response to whether or not Zayn could box him, Paul said, “Nah, he has to box his fucking demons first. … I don’t need to squash shit [with Gigi and Zayn]. I don’t got no problems. Just people are assholes. Truth always comes out.”

Earlier in the fall, Zayn pleaded “no contest” to four counts of harassment against Gigi and her mother, Yolanda. When Jake caught wind of the news, he trolled the singer and Gigi on Twitter, responding to her, ““Your ‘rEsPeCtFuL KiNg’ punched your mom in the face.”

According to court documents, the incident happened on Sept. 29 where Zayn allegedly shoved Yolanda after demanding that she stay away from his daughter. He was later sentenced to 360 days of probation, ordered to take an anger management class, and finish a domestic violence program. 

Jake and Zayn have been beefing since last year – making Zayn’s legal issues easy fodder for Jake. Last February, the two had a bad interaction at a Vegas hotel, with the Paul brothers running into Zayn and asking him if he wanted to party. However, Zayn didn’t respond in a friendly manner and Jake took offense.

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