Gabrielle Union Elaborates On 50/50 Split Comments With Dwyane Wade, Says He Gives Her 'Peace And Support'

Gabrielle Union said she is responsible for three other households in addition to her own, and her husband Dwyane Wade "has even more."

Roger Kisby / WWD via Getty Images

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s financials have become a hot topic of conversation.

A week ago, the actress commented on her financial responsibilities in an interview with Noah Callahan-Bever for Idea Generation, telling the host that she and her husband “split everything fifty-fifty.”

Union further elaborated on her situation in response to a video from marriage and family therapist, Beverley Andre who asked her followers, “Are you team 50/50?⁣ As for me, I’m team whatever makes sense for the household and is mutually agreed on.⁣”

Union wrote in the comments: “Every household is different and doing what's best for you and yours is the key. And what some don't understand is that I'm 100% responsible for 3 other households and D has even more. The majority of those households are elderly ppl and minors.”

She continued, “We both come from families that step up to help care for children or elderly relatives. So being able to be with someone who meets me half way and lightens my load gives me peace and support. He's offered to cover me trust, but that's not my ministry nor brings me peace. All that to say, I love how we recognize that there's billions of ways to exist and you just gotta find what's right for you that brings YOU peace. I found mine.”

A few days ago, after Union made her initial comments on Idea Generation, she posted a video to Instagram where she mouths the words to the viral TikTok sound clip, “I Am On to See My Husband,” which features Beyoncé’s voice and was created by Casa Di and Steve Terrell. Union’s video sees her by herself at first, then cuts to a clip of her and Wade sharing a kiss.

During her appearance on Idea Generation, Union said, "In this household, we split everything fifty-fifty," regarding dividing her bills with Wade. "But in the other households that each of us has to support, there's always this like, gorilla on your back, that's like, 'You better work, bitch, you better work. Oh, you're going to sleep in?' You know, somebody might not eat."

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