'Beef' Season 2: Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, Charles Melton, and More Rumored to Star

Season 1 of the Netflix and A24 show won eight Emmys and three Golden Globes.

Getty/Unique Nicole/Kevin Mazur

Season 2 of Beef is poised to feature some major talent.

Deadline reports that show creator and executive producer, Lee Sun Jin is eyeing some A-list stars for the next season of the Netflix and A24 series. Per the outlert, Season 2’s storyline will follow two feuding couples, the first of which might be Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway, and the second, Charles Melton and Cailee Spaeny. Melton is coning off a big year thanks to his breakout performance in May December, while Spaeny just played Priscilla Prsley in the eponymous Priscilla.

While none of the roles are confirmed, Netflix and A24 are gearing up to start production by the late summer or fall—and scripts are either done or close to it.

Beef has already earned numerous accolades, taking home eight Emmys and three Golden Globes, and won at the Spirit Awards and Producers Guild Awards, among others.

Prior to the arrival of Season 1, Complex sat down with Steven Yeun, Ali Wong, and Jin to discuss the show. When asked what the inspiration was for Beef, Yeun said, “I think we pulled from not all real places.”

He continued, “I think the cool part is the landscape of this show and the characters that we’re visiting are people that perhaps we haven’t seen on television before. So you have all these stories that have been kept under the surface of friends, or personal experiences or, your cousin.

“That was really fun to visit because we could all relate to that place. And so we would be like, ‘Has this ever happened to you?’ And it’s like, ‘Oh, yeah.’ Or, ‘What’s it like when you’re at this place?’ That was really fun to chip away at.”

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