Amber Rose Launches Her 3D Character at SXSW

Amber Rose explains what it means to be a feminist in 2016 while introducing her new 3D character with Zoobe.

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Amber Rose has been teasing her social media followers for weeks with the promise of a new digital venture with Berlin-based animated messaging app Zoobe, and the time has finally come. Rose officially launched her 3D character "Muva," which allows fans to add their own audio to Amber's avatar, during her event at SXSW in Austin, Texas. 

Rose explained the concept to those in attendance saying, "If you're a rosebud, and you're a fan of mine, then [this 3D character] is really cool because you're able to say whatever you want and it comes out of my mouth."

She made sure to add, "no fingers in the booty jokes though!" Complex News got the chance to sit down with the bald beauty who opened up about her foray in the the digital world and also spoke candidly about her "Slutwalk" and why she's so focused on being a voice for neo-feminism. 

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