Snooki & JWOWW's Daughters Are Just Like Them But Not How You Think

What happens when your favorite Jersey Shore stars, Snooki and JWOWW, grow up and have kids? They get a new reality show and let the drama unfold.

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Snooki & JWOWW are no strangers to television. It's hard to hear their names and not think of "smush" rooms and vodka handles—terms made infamous during their six-season run on MTV's uber popular reality show, Jersey Shore. We spent our adolescence watching these two Jersey natives navigate their own in front of millions, only to come out the other side with not just husbands, but kids(!!!). It's a few years later and the girls are back with another TV show with just as much crying and bed wetting… 

While Snooki and JWOWW are no longer doing shots on the boardwalk, they're still tossing a few back on occasion shots, only this time it's in between changing diapers and teaching us how to potty train our own children. Aptly titled, Moms With Attitude, the go90 series gives us a glimpse into the after-life of a reality star. 

The best reason to watch the show, however, is to see the evolution of Snooki and JWOWW. Surprisingly, Snooki’s kids are well-behaved and JWOWW’s first, Meilani, is like the Jersey Shore Snooki of Go90. She throws tantrums, slams doors and loves to make a scene. But she’s adorable and definitely just experiencing those “terrible twos” so we won't hold it against her. Snooki’s kids, ironically, are the less vocal of the bunch. In fact, they don’t give Snooki as much trouble as she gave her own housemates. Maybe it skips a generation. 

All in all, the kids are adorable and entertaining and definitely a reason to check out Snooki and JWOWW's new go90 show. Don't believe us, see for yourself in the above episode. 

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