A Boogie Goes Back To The Bronx To 'Hype Up' A Group of High School Basketball Players

For kids in the Bronx, A Boogie is not just an idol, but their motivation to keep going. Saquan is a kid from the Bronx trying to make it in basketball...

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"The most inspiring names in music are motivating a generation of young athletes who use their songs to get hyped up." That's the intro of go90's new show "Hype Up".

In each episode, a featured artist surprises a youth team for a once in a lifetime encounter and special performance. In this episode, A Boogie goes back to his roots to inspire and motivate a high school fan.

Saquan is a kid from the Bronx trying to make it in basketball. A Boogie surprises him at Terminal 23—a free gym for kids in NYC. The two sit and play together while A Boogie reminds him to stay focused on his dreams, his college career, and his love of basketball. 

There's a special connection between A Boogie and the kids he visits at Terminal 23. Hailing from the Bronx himself, he can connect with them on a level other celebrities can't. A man of humble beginnings, he is their beacon of inspiration.

A Boogie leaves the kids with a special performance of "Timeless," one last hype up before they venture on their own path to greatness. 

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