Joel Kinnaman Releases Statement After Filing Restraining Order Against Ex-Fling

Joel Kinnaman has accused Gabriella Magnusson, aka Bella Davis, of trying to extort him over sex: 'This is a threat to the safety of my family and loved ones.'

Joel Kinnaman

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Joel Kinnaman

Suicide Squad star Joel Kinnaman has filed a restraining order against Gabriella Magnusson—a Swedish model who allegedly tried to extort him over sex.

The 41-year-old actor shared his side of the story in a length Instagram post Friday, confirming he had a brief romantic relationship with Magnusson, aka Bella Davis, several years ago. Kinnaman said he and the model had met in New York City in late 2018 and had consensual sex on multiple occasions; however, he stopped communicating with Magnusson in the following years, as he had entered another relationship.

“In 2019 and 2020, Bella resumed contact with me, asking to meet up and sending sexually explicit content, but I was in a relationship at this point, so I did not respond,” he wrote. “Given her increasingly obsessive communications, I felt it was best to cut off all communication with her. But Bella continued to try to communicate with me-texting and calling from other people’s phones — and these communications became more and more antagonistic, threatening, and frightening over time.”

Kinnaman says Magnusson recently gave him a list of demands and threatened to “publicize false information about” him if he refused to comply. The model allegedly told the actor she would go to the media with claims he had sex with her against her will. He says Magnusson’s demands included a payment of $400,000, a Wikipedia page, a photoshoot with Sports Illustrated, and help to secure a work visa.

“Hoping to resolve this situation, on July 25, I had a lengthy telephone conversation with Bella, which she knew was being recorded,” Kinnaman continued. “In that taped conversation, Bella more than once acknowledged that the sex was consensual. In that same conversation, she reiterated her threat to tell the media that it was against her will unless I met her demands. At one point, she stated, ‘Do you know how much money I would get and how famous I would be if I went to the press?’ She also made threats of physical violence against me and my family by herself and others, including her brother, a convicted felon, who pointed a rifle at my manager.”

Kinnaman concluded his statement by expressing his support for all sexual assault survivors, but reiterated that his sexual relationship with Magnusson was completely consensual.

“This is a threat to the safety of my family and loved ones, which will always be my top priority,” he wrote.

You can read the actor’s full statement below.

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