Kylie Minogue Calls Out Kylie Jenner Over 'Kylie' Trademark Application

Our Kylie calls out their Kylie

Hello..... My name is KYLIE #lightyears

— Kylie Minogue (@kylieminogue) February 28, 2016

Right now, Kylie Jenner must be feeling like she’s got enemies, gotta lotta enemies. With the spectre of Blac Chyna looming large over her relationship with Tyga, Kylie now has a new rival; Australia’s own Kylie Minogue. 

In a bid to protect her makeup and clothing brand, Jenner wanted to trademark the name 'Kylie'. Kylie Minogue ain't havin' it though, instantly filing an opposition to the proposal. She states the application would “cause confusion” and dilute her brand.

Minogue goes on to mention Jenner’s “photographic exhibitionism" on social media and that ”controversial posts have drawn criticism from the Disability Rights and African-American communities.”

The shade didn’t stop there though, as Minogue further labels Jenner a “secondary reality television personality” and a “supporting character” to her older sisters. Ouch.

Minogue then delivered the final blow via social media, Tweeting “Hello….. My name is KYLIE #lightyears”.

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