For Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, A May to December Bromance

Does love never last?

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Donald Trump, expert feud creator, strikes again. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz, fellow angry American and rival for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, used to have a cordial relationship—one might have called it a romance between bros, or a bromance, if you will. Then Cruz started to pull ahead in polls, and Trump got nervous. 

This, said Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, is when Trump accused Cruz of being born in Canada, therefore not an American citizen, and Cruz accused Trump of being born in New York, therefore an asshole. These accusations came to a head during Thursday evening's GOP debate, when the two were at each other's throats. Who was declared the winner? 

"Ted Cruz," Colbert said, "and for a simple reason. He's clearly a master-debator." No wonder things with Trump didn't work out.

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