Donald Trump, who is still somehow trudging forth in his business-minded desire to occupy the White House, recently took issue with the words of esteemed god-level actor Samuel L. Jackson. Though plenty of people had plenty of (publicly shared) opinions on the possibility of another Trump feud brewing, news of such nonsense came as a bit of a surprise for Jackson.

Stopping by to discuss how awesome it must be to always be Samuel L. Jackson, the Hateful Eight star spent a healthy portion of his appearance on Tuesday's Late Night With Seth Meyers disproving Trump's entire argument. "I've met him a lot," Jackson said, in direct contrast to Trump's assertion that the two didn't even know each other. "I've played golf with him. I actually played golf with him and Anthony Anderson once."

The best part? Bill Clinton can also verify that Jackson and Trump know each other, though Meyers is quick to note that the former president is unlikely to break his silence on this low-speed feud.

Don't mess with Samuel L. Jackson, Donald. For your next public feud, perhaps you should simply look in the mirror.