Ben Carson's House Is a Shrine to Himself

Including a sketch of him with Jesus and a carving spelled "poverbs."

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When it comes to his presidential campaign, Ben Carson is doing everything wrong. He can't rap, his jokes are terrible, and he just admitted to lying about that whole Westpoint scholarship thing. But don't worry, Ben Carson's ego isn't dented by his long list of screw-ups. In fact, Ben Carson loves Ben Carson more than ever, and his house is proof.

The Guardian just published a series of photos of the inside of Carson's Maryland home, which is essentially a shrine to himself—and also Jesus. The best part might be the actual portrait of Carson with Jesus posing behind him, which appears to hang in a stairwell. Evidently they're the best of friends.

Ben Carson: inside the worldview of a political conundrum

— The Guardian (@guardian) November 7, 2015

A marble carving of proverbs 22:4, with questionable capitalization and the word "proverbs" spelled incorrectly, is a close second. (No wonder he didn't get that scholarship.)

Ben Carson's house: an homage to himself – in pictures

— The Guardian (@guardian) November 7, 2015

Carson's Presidential Medal of Freedom is on display, as are photos of him with George W. Bush, stills from the 2009 TV movie Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, and dozens of gold-framed awards and certificates for speaking engagements (the equivalent of framing a participation ribbon). And of course, what's Ben Carson's living room without a gilded portrait of Ben Carson? 

Ben Carson's house: a homage to himself – in pictures

— The Guardian (@guardian) November 7, 2015

Head over to The Guardian to see the entire glorious display. It's good to know that even if Ben Carson is defeated at the polls, he'll still be his biggest fan.

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