Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has said some stupid things, comparable to fellow idiotic candidate Donald Trump, though he’s flown under the radar for not being as widely known nor as mean when he’s said ridiculous things like how a Muslim shouldn’t be president. At a campaign event today at the University of New Hampshire and afterwards during a press conference, Carson outdid himself and showed how unfit he is to be president by joking about police brutality—an especially sensitive topic at the moment—and shrugging off a question about handling hurricanes. 

According to NBC reporter Alex Jaffe, Carson was talking to the audience about growing up in Detroit and the sort of trouble he would get into with his friends, which included running away from police. Carson said: 

He added, "I’m just kidding, you know they wouldn’t do that.” Before he went into a spiel about how he supports police officers.

When ABC News anchor Tom Llamas asked Carson how he’d tackle the oncoming Hurricane Joaquin, an important question given the havoc Hurricane Sandy wreaked, Carson responded:

We're fucked.

[via Twitter/MSNBC]