Why Is There Going to be a Wayne Murder Scene in "Batman v Superman?"

Why do we need another Wayne murder scene in "Batman v Superman?"

Image via Twitter

Enough with the origin stories. If we're talking Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, most of the X-Men and really any Marvel Phase One characters, we don't need any more origins. We're looking at you, first half-hour of Amazing Spider Man.

So why oh why does it look like we're going to get a Wayne parents murder scene in Batman v Superman? Blogger Dan Marcus snapped a photo of the movie's Chicago set showing a theater marquee reading The Mark of Zorro, which in the comic books is what the Wayne family saw the night Bruce Wayne became an orphan. 

We've had Batman's origin story down since '89 though. So why waste screen time on this? Hopefully its for a brief flashback, or maybe even an Easter egg that we'll barely notice. For now, we're choosing to have faith in director Zack Snyder.

[Via Comicbook.com]

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