Tom Holland Was Pretty Much the Last One to Find Out He Was Playing Spider-Man

Tom Holland seems like he's been walking blockbuster red carpets for years at the "Captain America: Civil War" premiere.

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What a time to be Tom Holland. The actor, who makes his debut as Spider-Man in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, is getting his first taste of what it's like to be in the universe. Not the on-screen Marvel universe, but the universe of big-time actors in big-time blockbusters who have to go hard as hell with the media for like a solid month of promotion every time a new Marvel film drops. 

Gotta say, the kid (he's 19) seems pretty natural. Holland spoke on the red carpet at the Civil War premiere and definitely held his own, although it's still kind of hard to picture him as Spider-Man, especially with that British accent.  As far as getting the job, Holland jokingly remembered Thor actor Chris Hemsworth, who he acted alongside in In the Heart of the Sea, giving him a hard time about helping him lobby for the role.

"Yeah, I sent him a text asking him if he could let (Marvel Studios head) Kevin Feige know that he'd work with me," Holland said. "And he replied saying, he was like, 'Yeah I'll tell him that you're really unprofessional, that you never learn your lines and you're always late to work.' I was like, 'great' ... that's not true, I'm super professional."

He also claims he only learned that he'd been chosen for the role by checking social media. 

"It was a crazy way to find out. I'd been playing golf with my dad and lost, which is bad, it's a bad feeling ... So I came home, I was really upset, and I was looking at Instagram and Marvel posted a photo of Spider-Man saying 'go to our website to find out who our new Spider-Man is.' I went to the website and it said 'we are delighted to announce that the new Spider-Man is,' and I sort of like slammed my computer. I was like, I need to take a minute, I'm so terrified of what this might say, and it said my name and it was the greatest day I've had. It was the best day ever, it was amazing."

Captain America: Civil War debuts for us regular people on May 6. A standalone Spider-Man movie, featuring at least some of the Avengers, is coming in 2017.

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