Actually, Terrorists Really Are Using Donald Trump to Recruit Members

Terrorists really are using Donald Trump to recruit new members, as Hillary Clinton said they would.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Remember that time Hillary Clinton said Donald Trump's comments about Muslims were being used by terrorist groups to recruit new terrorists? Politifact rated the comment flat-out "false" earlier this month, reporting that there was no evidence to support it, but now there is.

A video from the Al-Shabab militant group titled "The Path To Paradise" encourages black Americans to convert to Islam and join the Jihad, and features Trump's words alongside video of Anwar al-Awlaki​, the U.S.-born cleric and al-Qaeda operative who was killed in a drone strike two years ago, ABC News reports. 

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Trump, for his part, called Hillary Clinton a "liar" and said she probably made up the claim that his words were was being used for terrorist recruitment after she first said it at a Dec. 19 debate, but it will be interesting to see how he reacts now that there's concrete evidence. 

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