Spielberg Would Be Down to Direct Chris Pratt in "Indiana Jones"

Steven Spielberg wants to direct the new Indiana Jones movie if the script is right.

Image via Paramount Pictures

There have been plenty of names floated as far as the actor who will be picking up the whip in the next Indiana Jones movie, from Robert Pattinson, to Bradley Cooper to, most recently, Chris Pratt.  but there's only one director anyone wants behind the camera, and that's Steven Spielberg

According to Deadline, the legendary director wants to direct the fifth installment in the franchise himself, and he's on team Pratt. It's not for sure yet, but Spielberg will reportedly direct the movie if he likes the script (once it's written). 

Pratt's already starring in the upcoming Jurassic World, another franchise that Spielberg started out directing (though Spielberg is not directing this one). If things continue at the same rate, we estimate that Chris Pratt will be the star of all iconic film franchises in existence by 2021. 

[Via Deadline}



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