Science Reveals Your State's Favorite Curse Word

An analysis of more than a billion tweets will show you what swear word your home state prefers.

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Ah, science, sometimes you do great things like send a probe to a dwarf planet billions of miles away, and sometimes you do equally great things like figure out if the East Coast prefers to use the word "fuck" or "cunt." Yesterday it was Pluto, today it was a linguistic analysis of "asshole."

As Gawker points out, llinguistics professor Jack Grieve has been tweeting out maps today that show the popularity of curse words on Twitter across the U.S. The maps are based on an analysis of more than a billion tweets.

So pretty much everyone's swearing. We just don't all prefer the same words. The Asshole map.

— Jack Grieve (@JWGrieve) July 16, 2015

Here are the maps, which prove what you might have already guessed - people on the coasts of this country are more likely to go with "motherfucker," while that whole middle part of the country is more likely to go with a "darn."











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