Scorpion Stings Woman on Flight Out of L.A.

A scorpion stung a woman on the hand during a flight from Los Angeles to Portland.

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As if you really needed anything else to worry about on an airplane aside from being on an airplane, a woman was stung on the hand by a scorpion after boarding a flight to Portland in Los Angeles on Saturday night. 

The flight was delayed for more than an hour while the flight crew searched the plane for more scorpions. The scorpion that stung the woman was killed by the crew, presumably without the help of a Samuel L. Jackson.

How a scorpion got on the plane remains a mystery, but the plane did land in Los Angeles from Mexico. 

The plane returned to the gate where the woman got off and decided not to take the flight. She was not quoted as saying "What is this, a plane or a fucking temple from an Indiana Jones movie," although we assume it was something along those lines. 

The scorpion was not a good omen for the Oregon State men's basketball team, which happened to be on the plane at the time.


Coach Tinkle was just two rows behind the woman that was stung. Paramedics have just come aboard.

— Mike Parker (@MEPOSU) February 15, 2015

They lost to USC 68-55. 

[Via Yahoo]

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