Pornhub's Traffic Skyrocketed During the Recent Snowstorm

People watched an insane amount of pornography while Winter Storm Jonas was pounding the eastern U.S.

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Winter Storm Jonas equaled horniness, or at least slowed people down enough that they were forced to face that horniness while trapped alone in their apartments with nothing but the warm glow of their devices. 

Fortune reports that people went overboard on the dating apps during the snowstorm. More than 10 million Tinder matches were made during the blizzard, and the chances of getting a match were more than three times higher than usual at some points, the company said.

But what happens when you make a Tinder match during a friggin snowstorm? Are you really thirsty enough to brave hypothermia and near hurricane force winds to (maybe) get it in?

Probably not, which brings us to the next piece of data: Pornhub activity spiked like crazy. The website reports on its blog that on Sunday people were watching 6 percent more porn than normal in Boston, 8 percent more in NYC, 14 percent more in Philly, and a whopping 25 percent more porn than normal in Washington, D.C.

Pornhub put it best themselves.

"As the storm beat down, Pornhub viewers beat on."

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