Undercover Cops Busted a Guy Trying to Have Sex With a Horse

An undercover sting operation caught a guy who traveled across the country to have sex with a horse.

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Undercover deputies in Nevada allowed a man to travel across the country from Pennsylvania under the belief that he was going there to have sex with a horse. Then they arrested him on bestiality charges. 

That man, 69-year-old Michael Crawford, pleaded guilty and was sentenced this week to 18 months of probation, according to the New York Post

According to information released by police at the time of Crawford's arrest and reported in the Arizona Republic, the man posted an ad on a "popular" website explaining that he was seeking a horse owner who would let him get it in with their animal. 

Deputies posing as horse owners contacted Crawford as part of a sting operation. 

Many exchanges graphically detailed what Crawford intended to do once he arrived in Arizona. In an e-mail released by the Sheriff's Office, Crawford said he was looking forward to the visit and described his desires.

After Crawford flew to Phoenix, undercover deputies met with him and took him to a horse trailer where they showed him two ponies. Then they arrested him and charged him with bestiality.

At the time, Crawford said he didn't understand why he was being arrested, though deputies said he'd admitted to having sex with animals since the '70s.

Come on, dude. This isn't Switzerland.

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