Little Kid Takes a Sneaky Little Dump on a Supermarket Floor

The world's sneakiest / nastiest little kid took a poop on the floor of a supermarket, then nonchalantly walked away.

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The world's sneakiest little kid was captured on surveillance video that surfaced on Live Leak showing him taking a poop on the floor of a supermarket, then walking away like nothing happened. 

So many questions!

Was this a planned act of doodoo terrorism, or was it the desperate act of a human about to crap their pants?

Why is this kid so good at pooping while standing up? Has he done this before?

How friggin long did it take someone to clean up the big pile of poop in aisle 8?!

According to the Mirror, this video is believed to have come from somewhere in Russia. As we already know, it's wild in them streets (if you're a 5-year-old). 


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