Jonah Hill Teases Palace x Reebok Collab With Awkwardly Hilarious Instagram Videos

Jonah Hill appears in Palace’s Instagram videos that tease another collaboration between the skate brand and Reebok.

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There's something awkward and hilarious about the teasers for Palace's latest sneakers. The London-based skate brand has linked up with Jonah Hill to tease the release of another Reebok Classics collaboration, and the result is some beautiful weirdness. Early Saturday, this mysteriously bleeped video showed up on Palace's Instagram, but it wasn't quite clear what they were getting at.

When this second video showed up a few hours later with the caption "🇬🇧CLASSIC🇬🇧 Next week," and a video that says "Reebok Classics," it became clear that Palace is again working with the British-founded sportswear company (that's now owned by adidas).

Hill has been a supporter of Palace for a minute now. He even wore the brand when he appeared on Saturday Night Live late last year during the episode where he introduced musical guest Future to perform "Jumpman" and "March Madness."

Palace has previously worked with Reebok a few times on collaborations, such as these vulcanized Workout Lows, which were released in the United States only at Supreme's stores in Los Angeles and New York. In 2014, Palace's founder Lev Tanjo told Complex that working with Reebok was "very important. Reebok is special to us. We all grew up around it and wearing it."

Hill has two movies coming out next month. He stars in War Dogs, out Aug. 19, in which he and Miles Teller go "full douche" in a real life story about young gun runners. He also has a voice role in the very R-rated animated feature, Sausage Party, which comes out Aug. 12.

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