Johnny Depp Stepped in to Play Guitar at a Marilyn Manson Concert

Johnny Depp stepped in to play guitar at a Marilyn Manson concert.

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It's been said that all actors want to be rock stars and all rock stars want to act, so this makes perfect sense. 

We've already seen Marilyn Manson take roles on Sons of AnarchyEastbound and Down and Californication, so why not actor Johnny Depp stepping up to play guitar on "Beautiful People" at a Manson show on Halloween night. 

Manson also brought out Ninja from from the South African, alt hip-hop group Die Antwoord. Gotta say, this is exactly the type of crew I'd pictured Depp kicking it with on a Friday night and I have no doubt he's the weirdest one in the group. Just a feeling.

[Via Daily Mail]

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