Jesse Eisenberg Has No Plans To Ever Watch 'Batman v Superman'

Unlike most other people who go to the movies, Jesse Eisenberg has not seen "Batman v Superman" and doesn't plan to.

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Jesse Eisenberg knows that the reviews for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were, as he calls them, "mixed," or as anyone who did not star in the film calls them, "bad," but Eisenberg himself doesn't know if the movie was any good. That's because unlike most people who go to movies, he hasn't seen Batman v Superman yet, and he has no plans to.

Speaking to MTV, Eisenberg revealed that even though he showed up at several of the film's premieres, he never actually sat through a screening. When asked if he was surprised by the negative critical reaction to the movie, Eisenberg, who plays villain Lex Luthor, explained.

"No, because I live in a bubble," he joked. "I haven't seen the movie. ... I watch no movies that I've been in. I read nothing about them. I saw  'Zombieland,' and I liked it, I liked it a lot, but I also felt uncomfortable. Woody [Harrelson] dragged me to it."

Even though Luthor's storyline in the film was particularly baffling (does anyone out there know what he was trying to do, and why he hated Batman and Superman so much?), Eisenberg's performance, which saw a more twisted, evil Luthor than we've ever seen on screen before, was definitely solid. And anyway, the "most important" people, as Eisenberg put it, did enjoy the movie.


"All I know is every body I gave my tickets to to go see the movie at the movie premiere like really liked it, including my parents."

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