This Phone App Will Test if You're Pregnant

First Response has unveiled a new Bluetooth pregnancy app for iPhones.

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There's no need to go to some weird bar in Minnesota  or hit up eBay the next time you need to find out if you're pregnant or not—your iPhone can take care of that (sort of). 

First Response today released their first Bluetooth-enabled pregnancy test. It still requires a woman to take a whiz on a stick, but that stick can now communicate with your phone wirelessly. 

So what's the advantage of the digital pregnancy test? Aside from just being cool, it can also entertain you while you're waiting for the good/bad news depending on your situation. 

After the peeing goes down, a three-minute timer pops up in First Response app that supplies the options "Calm Me," "Educate Me," or "Entertain Me." 

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If she taps on the entertainment option she may see BuzzFeedvideos. If she taps Calm Me, she’ll likely hear meditation music, be given breathing techniques or see a peaceful video with scenes such as crashing waves. The education choice supplies fertility information.

The Bluetooth pregnancy test costs between $15 and $22, which is a lot more than a regular, old pregnancy test, but really doesn't seem all that bad for a digital device. 

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