College Student Who Lost License Now Drives a Barbie Jeep

A Texas State student who lost her driver's license turned in her car for a toy Barbie jeep to get around campus.

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A junior at Texas State is becoming a legend for the way she handled losing her driver's license in a DWI arrest.

Tara Monroe's dad took away her car for obvious reasons and left her with a bicycle to ride around on after she automatically had her license suspended for refusing a breathalyzer test after a Waka Flaka concert.

Monroe told she thinks "riding a bike around campus sucks; like really sucks." So since she hates, like really hates bicycles for some reason, Monroe needed another mode of transport.

She reportedly hit Craigslist where she bought a pink, toy, battery-powered Barbie jeep for $60 and named it "Charlene" after the little girl who owned it last.

Now Monroe, 20, whose Twitter bio is "im a barbie girl and yall are just living in my barbie world" is regularly spotted cruising around campus at 5 mph on her plastic wheels.

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