The Next CNN Debate Will Be in Virtual Reality

CNN plans to stream its upcoming democratic debate in virtual reality.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Virtual reality isn't just for porn anymore, and the presidential debates aren't just for Republicans.

CNN plans to broadcast its upcoming CNN Democratic Presidential Debate live from Las Vegas in virtual reality on Oct. 13, according to a news release.

The news network is teaming up with NextVR to allow viewers to watch in virtual reality with their Samsung Gear VR headsets (which use Oculus technology), because we're living in the future.

In case you really, really need to get an up-close look at Bernie Sanders' forehead, you can pick one of those up for $199 from places where future things are sold, although the company made headlines last week by announcing a $99 headset coming out around the holidays. 

And if you already have a headset and you feel like you need to gaze deeply into Donald Trump's eyes, you can download the CNN GOP debate from the Oculus store.

As re/code reminds us, the last time that CNN tried to get all futurey on us with its political coverage, we got hologram interviewed by Anderson Cooper.

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