Women Are Destroying Men on Twitter With #WasteHisTime2016

Women are devising evil ways to waste men's time with the #WasteHisTime2016 hashtag.

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Women are not playing this year, at least not the ones using #WasteHisTime2016 on Twitter today. 

The trending hashtag has women devising some savagely evil ways to waste a man's time, break his spirit and basically, according to some women, do what dirtbag men have been doing to women for years, decades, centuries. 

As Redditor TurnDownForWhat put it, "Here it is gentlemen, the emphatical proof that: Yes they know what they're doing and No they don't give a fiddlers f***!"

Here's a taste:

finally allow him to take you on a date then after have him drop you off at your other man's house #WasteHisTime2016

— cy baby (@cyrenelovette) January 6, 2016

Tell him to come over then fall asleep & don't answer the "I'm here" text #wastehistime2016

— شيلسي (@1Chelsi) January 6, 2016

Leave his messages unread for a week, then finally text him back and tell him you was sleep.. The whole time #WasteHisTime2016

— Ice Queen (@MissParisi_) January 6, 2016

Tweet about how you have no one texting you and when he texts you don't reply #WasteHisTime2016

— Christina (@spanishcvndy) January 6, 2016

tell him y'all serious but when he post pics of you as his wcw tell him to take it down and chillout. #WasteHisTime2016

— DE$ (@QUEENDESONYA) January 6, 2016

He's your baby in the messages, but when he walks up to you in person introduce him as your friend. #WasteHisTime2016

— Syn🌹 (@__SYNcerely) January 6, 2016

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