Amy Schumer on 'SNL': Kardashians, Porn Teachers and a Dirty Selfie Stick

Amy Schumer made her hosting debut on "Saturday Night Live" with musical guest The Weeknd.

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In case you haven't been paying attention, Amy Schumer has been killing it over the past two years. It actually feels crazy that her hosting gig on last night's Saturday Night Live was her debut on the show. You could have told me she'd hosted twice already and I would have believed it, that's just how huge she is right now. 

So how did she do? If you weren't watching it live, here's the best of what you missed: 


​Gotta say, Schumer seemed genuinely excited to be there - like more than most hosts. Also, it's always a smart move when a great stand-up just goes with stand-up material for the monologue. This one touched on the Kardashians (she's a little disappointed that Khloe lost a Kendall's worth of body weight) and why she's now engaged to Bradley Cooper on Facebook (that's just how Hollywood works). 


America is obsessed with guns, and Saturday Night Live found a really uncomfortable way to force people to realize it. Deal with it.


So this sketch is kind of a one-trick pony, but that one trick is a really, really funny one, and they didn't beat it to death. Also, Vanessa Bayer's insane screaming was on point, and this sketch kind of had some of best special effects I've seen on SNL - that's not saying much, but it is something.


There's a revolutionary new hands-free selfie stick on the market, and celebrity endorser Amy Schumer loves it. Like really loves it. 


​First of all, Kyle Mooney is already showing up in a lot more sketches so far this season, and that is a good thing because he's really underrated (and also really weird, in the best way). Schumer plays a teacher who "loves Ds." This one gets included just on the strength of that "big-old-dictorian" line.


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