Aaron Paul Posts "Greatest Photo of All Time" of "Breaking Bad" Co-Star

Aaron Paul posts photo on Instagram of co-star Jonathan Banks who played Mike eating birthday cake.

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You might not know Jonathan Banks' name, but you know his steely-eyed gaze from his many roles as a tough-as-nails cop, tough-as-nails criminal, or - most likely - the tough-as-nails enforcer with a soft spot for his grand-baby on AMC's Breaking Bad. 

Banks' Breaking Bad co-star Aaron Paul posted a photo of Banks to Instagram that really could use some explanation, but instead was simply captioned "Hands down the greatest photo of all time."

You'll recognize that "don't try me"  stare, but not much else.  

Gotta say, birthday hat or not, that guy still looks cold as ice. Any guesses as to what this photo could possibly be from?

[Via @glassofwhiskey

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