Why Miles Morales Is the Hero We Need Right Now

Miles Morales is the most important superhero of our time. He always does the right thing.

miles morales spiderman game

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miles morales spiderman game

When the PlayStation 5 was finally given its grand unveiling after months of frantic anticipation earlier this year, the one thing igniting hype better than anything else was the tease for a sequel to Sony's universally adored action adventure game, Marvel’s Spider-Man.

And while the mere sight of a souped-up Spidey suit on PS5 was enough to get everyone's imagination whirring, it was the dramatic reveal of the face behind the mask that had everyone hitting the pre-order button... Miles Morales was getting his own video game.

Gamers got a taste of Miles in the first Spider-Man game, getting past drones and other foes with a bit of duck and cover stealth to help out Peter Parker but in this new game we will take control of this special webslinger. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales brings you an exhilarating Spider-Man tale of good vs. evil, power and responsibility and New York spirit, but things are slightly different here. Miles Morales is our Brooklyn-born, Harlem living, streetwear and street art loving hero and he’s going to defend his city his way. Your way. He’s got super-strength, web slinging and the spider-sense we know and love, but he can also turn invisible and unleash a venom blast that can leave foes reeling. That’s handy when he’s taking on villains like Rhino and the Tinkerer, or trying to avoid J Jonah Jameson, but the very first thing he does to help someone when you load up the new game is help someone carry something heavy while walking down the street.

The next thing he does? Tell a graffiti artist painting a mural of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man to “leave space for the other guy”.

miles morales

In Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales you’re going to be “the other guy”, forging a path through an updated New York and creating your own moments of Spider-Man magic. Things have changed since the last game and Peter Parker’s battles with Mister Negative and the Sinister Six – the city is different, Miles’ mother Rio Morales is running for city council and there are new gangs and criminals crawling out of the woodwork. With Peter off on holiday in Europe, it’s up to Miles and you to defend the city as best you can.

Over the course of the new game you’re going to save the city from a whole host of super villains, but Miles will also need to use a “Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man” app to be friendly in his neighbourhood, helping with donations at his local homeless shelter, finding cats that have gone missing from his local deli and even tinkering with technology from bad guy group “The Underground” to help make the trains run on time. This is the joy of Miles Morales. He’s going to do Spider-Man things, but he’s also going to mix beats in his spare time, check out the local street art and talk about the latest sneaker drop. He’s constantly asking if you want to go out there and do good things and it’s fun every single time.

You’ll start off as “the other guy”, but after a few missions, Miles’ best friend Ganke will tell you to stop thinking of yourself as “the other Spider-Man”, and to start thinking of how he’ll solve problems because “You are Spider-Man”.

miles morales

Miles Morales is an important hero for our times, not because he’s a superhero who can do things that defy reality, but because he can do things that you and me can do every day to help the people around you. It’s the small acts of kindness that make Miles a spectacular Spider-Man, which means while we might not be able to stick to walls, turn invisible or sling webs, you can be just like Spider-Man whenever you choose to do the right thing and help people around you. Doing the right thing matters in 2020, a year where people have been making their voices heard for truth and justice and a global pandemic has made us reconsider community and how we look after it. Whether it’s Peter Parker, Miles Morales, the story of Spider-Man is ultimately the story of looking after the neighbourhood and each other.

And gamers will have a great time looking after the neighbourhood in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, thanks to developer Insomniac’s work refining and developing the web slinging and combat mechanics that made the first PlayStation 4 Spider-Man game so irresistible. Those who found themselves swept along collecting everything in Peter Parker’s adventure will find themselves right at home in the new game, taking on brand new challenges, finding time capsules hidden all over the city and unlocking all manner of Spider-Man costumes.

New to the series? Don’t worry, Miles Morales will catch you up on the story so far and you’ll be web slinging with the best of them in no time. This is your Spider-Man adventure – how do you want deal with things? Using stealth and camouflage, or jumping right in and with all manner to fighting moves? What kind of spider-gadgets will you use to sort out trouble? The gravity well that yanks henchmen across the room? Or the holographic drones that help you even up larger groups of baddies? The choice is yours. How do you want to turn “the other Spider-Man” into your Spider-Man, so that he in turn can become our Spider-Man?

spider man miles morales

Miles Morales is the hero we need in 2020, the nerd who sometimes gets invited to the cool parties, but mostly spends time in class coming up with ideas on how to make things better, simpler, and nicer for other people. A do-good dork who we’ve all been at least once, and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales will allow you to become him properly in a way like no other. Miles Morales is a hero perfectly suited for the now, and now’s your chance to make your own Spider-Man story.

Experience the next adventure in the Marvel’s Spider-Man universe by ordering Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales only on PlayStation, available now.

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