Robert De Niro on Donald Trump's Election Victory: 'I Feel Like I Did After 9/11'

"I feel like I did after 9/11," Robert De Niro said in a recent interview. "And we'll just see what happens."

Image via WikiCommons

Image via WikiCommons

Image via WikiCommons

Robert De Niro described his post-election feelings in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter's podcast Awards Chatter on Nov. 10, two days after the election, and the actor isn't feeling great. The full recording of these remarks is set to be released early next week, but De Niro made his sentiments about president-elect Donald Trump clear. "I feel like I did after 9/11," he said. "And we'll just see what happens. There will be many, many, many, many, many people watching." 

Days before the election, De Niro had urged a crowd at the Hollywood Film Awards in Los Angeles to vote for Clinton and prevent Trump from becoming the leader of the free world. “We have the opportunity to prevent comedy from turning into a tragedy,” he said.

De Niro has been vocal about his opposition to Trump since the president-elect announced his candidacy in 2015. In an interview from August 2015, De Niro described Trump as “totally nuts.” In October, outtakes from a “Get Out the Vote” campaign video filmed with De Niro went viral, as they showed the actor saying of Trump, “He’s a dog, he’s a pig, he’s a con, a bullshit artist,” and “I’d like to punch him in the face.”

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The day after the election, De Niro appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and addressed his joke about punching Trump in the wake of his election. “I can’t do that now,” he said. “He’s the president, and I have to respect that position.”

Nevertheless, he somberly told Kimmel “I don’t feel good” after Tuesday’s results and continued on a more serious note, “We have to see what he’s going to do and how he’s really going to follow through on certain things. As we even see now in a lot of cities, there’s a lot of people getting very upset and protesting.

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