Gods Will Perish: The Marvel vs DC Debate Ends Once and For All - a "WWE 2K14" GIF Beatdown

Marvel or DC Comics, WWE 2K14 settles the debate once and for all.

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The Marvel and DC Universes have long held a bit of a rivalry amongst comic book fans. Which fictional set of heroes is really the baddest.

What if we settled the beef in a video game? That’s the experiment.

Allow one alternate reality to settle a debate based on two other worlds that don’t exist. If that’s not enough, we’re going to use a video game that really doesn’t have a thing to do with Marvel or DC. 

Because of the awesome creation tool included in WWE 2K14, and the impressive amount of free time on the hands of a few gamers, we have access to some spot-on re-creations of classic Marvel and DC characters.

Leave it to us to pit these characters against each other in the ultimate, intergalactic showdown in the squared circle.

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These are one-on-one, extreme rules matches held in the Night of Champions arena that’s included in the game. There are six match ups. Are you ready?!?

Let’s get stupid.

First up, we have a battle of sidekicks. Normally, Robin and Iron Fist get themselves into situations that their more powerful counterparts have to drop in for the rescue. Batman has bailed Robin out more times than Tiny has for T.I. The same can be said for Power-Man aka Luke Cage. He used to always come to the man with glowing fists’ aid.

This time, its one-on-one. No whispering, rich freak and no big black man with concrete skin to sway the results.

If the match was decided by how cool the ring entrances were, Iron Fist would win hands down.

Iron Fist had his moments during the match. Watch him load the cannon and fire all over Robin. Sorry, that sounded way nastier than intended.

Holy green drawls Batman. Robin’s making a comeback. You won’t see a cooler finishing move in this entire article…I promise.

With that, Robin gives the DC Universe a 1-0 lead in the series.

Next up, the ladies take center stage.

What do you get when a big green woman with abnormal amounts of gamma radiation in her system meets an amazon turned demigod? A heavens shaking beatdown between two of the most powerful women in comics.

I must say, my monopoly money was on Wonder Woman to start. I mean, she has the cool bracelets and everything. On the other hand, She-Hulk is the “woman” I’m ashamed to admit I’m attracted to.

That body is like something out of Nelly’s Tip-Drill video. But then there’s that issue with her skin color.

I’m not racist, but I kinda draw the line at green girls. Call me conservative.

Anyway, on to the match…

Wonder Woman didn’t even get a chance to take her Tiara off. She-Hulk was on her like white on rice. This face busting maneuver was pure evil and led to the Marvel Universe’s first win.

The third battle pits one white dude with long blonde hair who lives in the sky against another white dude with blonde hair who lives in the ocean.

Hey, just roll with me. At the beginning of the match, I thought Thor had it in the bag.

“Who is this man in silly green tights, smelling of a spawning salmon that opposes the God of Thunder and son of Odin?”

Aqua-Man responded with the expected amount of condescension you'd expect.

“You gon’ learn today.”

Apparently there was a Kevin Hart movie marathon in Atlantis. Thor delivered the Asgard Drop to his foe…

But it wasn’t enough. You have to be tough to live underwater. Aqua-Man bounced back with his own high impact maneuver.

Surprisingly, it was enough to keep Chris Hemsworth down. DC jumps back in front with a 2-1 lead in the series. Read on for The Avengers vs Justice League heavyweight title cards of the night.

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Marvel is looking for the tie and it sends Tony Stark to the ring to slow down The Flash. During his entrance, I’m not sure if Iron Man is flashing gang signs, throwing up the Roc’s diamond, or imitating that ape from Spectreman…

In any case, his entrance was appropriately elaborate.

Unfortunately for Iron Man, the opening theatrics didn’t help him during the match. Flash slapped the fast out of his metal mouth repeatedly and then kicked him in the face…real hard.

And with that the DC Universe has taken a 3-1 lead in the series.

Stan Lee just rolled over in his moustache wax.

The Hulk has to defeat Superman in order for the Marvel Universe to keep the hope of a tie alive. But Superman has come to ring ready. By day, he’s mild mannered Clark Kent.

Not to be outdone, The Hulk makes a rather dignified strut to the ring. This has to be intelligent Hulk because he’s unfazed by the Last Son of Krypton.

The Man of Steel wastes no time putting his pimp hand down on Dr. Banner. This chokeslam, striking and clothesline combination turns the Green Meanie for a loop. But the Hulk is no punk.

We all know Banner likes to smash. He tells Supes: “I be on that kryptonite.” and slams him almost through the mat. The Hulk has come through with the clutch win over perhaps the greatest DC hero of them all.

That draws the series to 3-2 in favor, still in favor of DC.

It all comes down to Batman and Cap.

Which master of hand-to-hand combat will prevail?

Cap is taking no prisoners and showing a ruthless side and puts Batman through the announcer’s table.

Is it just me or does it look like Batman was flat as a board on top of the destroyed table?

Back inside the ring, the leader of The Avengers puts the finishing touches on his demolition of Bruce Wayne. This Falcon’s Arrow was all she wrote.

Don’t call it comeback, but the Marvel universe came up with the tie.

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