Twitter Troll Grounds Two Planes With a Bomb Threat Intended for "The Lulz"

Two planes were grounded before arriving in Atlanta due to a Twitter bomb threat.

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On Saturday, two planes were grounded and searched for a bomb, before landing at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (fun fact: the busiest airport in the world). The tip was an online bomb threat that was "deemed credible" by the military. But give the military a mulligan; they probably aren't typically perusing certain areas of the internet where trolls are known to congregate, fling shit, and cackle underground.

As BuzzFeed is reporting, the threat came from the Twitter account (@kingZortic) that was able to pin a Delta Airlines associate (unfortunately named "JK" in the Twitter back and forth) for gate information on separate flights from Portland and Milwaukee, both destined for Atlanta, that led to the "credible" threat.  The original tweets, which have since been removed, are below:




King Zortic also tweeted an address in Chicago where he could be "found," made some references to the new Grand Theft Audio game, and then signed off by saying he/she was "untouchable." We're sure more will develop with this story. 

It's easy to make fun of Delta for falling for this, but is every threat "credible" when a giant transportation corporation is concerned? If Zortic is actually found, what should the proper punishment be? 

[via ​Buzzfeed]


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