Watch: SNL Tribute to Tracy Morgan Makes it Seem Like He's Dead

Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin include a Tracy Morgan tribute, that's equally nice and... weird.


“If he were here tonight... Tracy [Morgan] would remind us that more than anything, he would like to get us pregnant," Tina Fey said in a tribute to her former SNL and 30 Rock co-starAlec Baldwin also clapped and did a Morgan impersonation during the SNL anniversary special. It was nice, but their wording, and the title card... it felt like an in memoriam spot. That's how we're trained with those cards, fades, and "wish you were here" airings. Just kinda weird. And they didn't even include an Astronaut Jones clip, either. 

Morgan is still recovering from a June 2014 limousine-Walmart semi-truck collision that took the life of his friend, James McNair, and left Morgan with numerous injuries.


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