Seth Rogen and James Franco Live-Tweeted "The Interview"— Here's the Greatest Hits Synopsis

Franco was late. Rogen and co-writer/co-director/co-conspirator Evan Goldberg held down the fort.

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The Interview, as you're probably aware, is available to watch from home. It is currently playing in 331 theaters, but the North Korean assassination comedy from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg has already set records for video on demand (via Google Play, YouTube, and XBOX). In a whirlwind of publicity, Rogen, Goldberg and co-star James Franco gave folks extra incentive to stay at home and watch: they would provide a live-tweet commentary track. 

And their input was very similar to the roles that they play while making The Interview. Rogen, who also co-wrote and co-directed with Goldberg, plays a television producer for a vapid pop culture program. He wants to be taken seriously. And Rogen wanted you to know that many of the ridiculous things said about North Korea were indeed facts. Goldberg let his star (and friend) take the lead, while he held back for the first leg of the movie. And Franco, who plays an egotistical celebrity interviewer, showed up late to the party. But once he arrived he was full of zingers.

Read some of their tweets below. I suppose we should say *spoiler alert* but like Rogen and Goldberg point out, the reports on the leaks from the Sony hack already gave away the ending. But if you've seen the movie and wanted their commentary track, read below.

Goldberg is attempting to get President Barack Obama to join them next time. But perhaps they should ask John Kerry instead.


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