'Minecraft' Is Being Made Into a Movie

Minecraft is a game with 100 million users (across its various platforms) worldwide—meaning it could already have a huge built-in audience.

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Warner Brothers might be running a later than Marvel in building-up their larger comic book world—but they are definitely on point with their building-block movie empire. The Lego Movie not only grossed $187 million domestically for WB—it was also awesome! According to Deadline, the shield is now tasking one of the Lego producers to start work on another blocky film with major blockbuster potential: an adaptation of Minecraft.

Minecraft is a game with 100 million users (across its various platforms) worldwide—meaning it could already have a huge built-in audience. In the hugely popular game, players create an avatar and build their own world with cubes— but monsters and players across multiple games can enter your world, destroy structures, and wreak havoc. And just like directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller showed with Lego—a movie comprised of builders who can construct things as they need from the world around them—such spatial adaptability is pretty intriguing not just for a fun story but also in tapping into kid's—and adults who allow themselves to enter that giddy head space—imaginations. 

Everything can be awesome. Will a Minecraft movie? 

Minecraft LEGOs already exist... Just sayin'.


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