He Said, She Said: Charles Manson's Fiancée Says Wedding Will Still Happen

Will they or won't they?


Just last week, it was reported that death row inmate Charles Manson, 80, let his marriage license expire because his fiancée Star Burton wanted to parade around his corpse as a tourist attraction after he died. But Manson also believes that he will never die, so I guess the marriage thing can still be discussed with the 27-year-old Burton. And discuss it they did, according to Burton.

Burton told Inside Edition that Manson asked her, "Are we solid together?" To which she replied, "Yes."

And then he asked, "Are you my wife?" Burton gave an affirmative. Manson then, allegedly, asked, "Until death do us part?" But Burton actually didn't give an answer to Edition. Perhaps because the inevitability possibility of his death—and what would happen to his body afterward—is the touchy situation.

Maybe this fairytale wedding between a convicted mastermind of mass murder and his number one fan ("Yes, I'm going to marry Charlie Manson! I think he's the most handsome man in the world," she said to Edition) will happen sometime. Burton tells the reporter, "He probably asked me ten times if I wanted to get married."

Don't count on her family to be there, though. Burton moved to central California nine years ago to be able to visit Manson twice a week (although, not biblically; even if they were to marry, Manson is not allowed conjugal visits), but her family has never met Manson. And they told Inside Edition that they would not attend a wedding if it were to happen.

Also of note from the interview is that Manson apparently has an idea for a seed gun to "re-seed the planet." No, not for his semen (despite apparently wanting to have a creepy heir with Burton). For plants. Burton demonstrated the device for Inside Edition, which they described as "a ball of seeds packed into paintball-type gun and launched over the ground."

Maybe they can fire it at the wedding? Legally, those are the only seeds Manson would be allowed to sow.

[via Inside Edition]


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