Charles Manson's Relationship Fizzled Because His Fiancee Just Wanted to Own His Corpse

According to a journalist, Star Burton hopes to turn Charles Manson's dead body into a tourist destination.

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There was no wedding last week for Charles Manson after he let his marriage license expire before marrying Star Burton, leading many to speculate what happened to the couple. Well, it turns out that the "till death do us part" thing wasn't as troublesome to Manson—who believes he's immortal—as what might happen if he were to actually die.

According to journalist Daniel Simone, Burton wanted to marry Manson so that, in death, she could claim possession of his corpse and encase it in a glass tomb—a la Vladimir Lenin, Kim Il-Sung, and Kim Jung-Il—in Los Angeles. She envisioned a tourist attraction that would make her some cold, hard cash via Manson's cold, preserved corpse.

"He’s finally realized that he’s been played for a fool" after hearing of Burton's alleged plan, Simone told The New York Post. Maybe there once was love there though, as Burton's seven-year "contact visit" relationship with Manson (complete with a Swastika carved onto her head at one point) is certainly a lot of work to put in for just a potential serial killer corpse attraction. Burton supposedly still wants to marry Manson though, so this story of romance—which Manson also said was for "public consumption"—will continue.

According to Simone, Burton began asking Manson about claiming his body after he dies two years ago, and that she and a friend, who goes by the name Gray Wolf, came up with marriage as an option to make the corpse-display dream a reality.

Some people just have the worst luck when it comes to relationships!

[via The New York Post]


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